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"I’ve been working with Jim for the past 7 months and I've been able to take back control of my personal and professional life. I was experiencing weekly panic attacks and starting to miss work, hide in my car for hours at a time while at work, drive to the hospital multiple times a month because I was afraid something was really wrong, and using lorazepam twice a day just to barely function. The medicine just wasn't working, and I knew I had to do something....Since working with Jim I have been able to use all the coping skills and techniques he’s taught me to understand what’s really happening and to react to my anxiety issues in a way that isn't always making them worse, but actually made them go away. I haven’t touched any lorazepam in 4 months and even forget I’m prescribed it. The techniques I’ve learned have improved my quality of life and confidence way beyond any medicine- thank you!"

-Male age 27 
Who Is This Call For?
Anxiety, Worry & Panic Attack Counseling 
  • ​Is your biggest wish just to feel...normal?
  • ​Are you afraid of the fear? 
  • ​Worried you'll just have another "bad day"?
  • ​Don't want to take medicines, or the meds aren't working?
  • ​Feel that sick "pit" in your stomach?
  • ​Trouble sleeping because your mind races, or you're anxious?
  • ​Do you feel scared & worried most of the time? 
  • ​Worries spiral out of control?
  • ​Are your relationships and work now suffering because of anxiety?
Anxiety and Panic Attack Coaching
  • ​Are you struggling with panic and anxiety attacks?
  • Does your mind 'race'? 
  • ​Feel Exhausted and irritable a lot? 
  • Scary Body symptoms? Heart Pounding? Can't get a full breath? Tingling? Nausea? Dizzy? Chest Pain? Panicky feelings?
  • ​Indecisive and feeling doubts a lot of the time?
  • Do you feel like you ​can't stop feeling anxious, afraid and depressed?
  • ​​Can't keep doing this? Something has to change?
Who Am I?
I'm Jim McFarland.
I know what anxiety and panic feel like.  And I know what scary thoughts and worry spirals are like too. 

I know the heart pounding, feeling like you can't breathe... I know the "crazy," and the fear, and the dread. The hopeless/helpless feeling...and all the negative thoughts.

When I was 20 years old, working hard in my second year of college, Panic, Worry and Anxiety hijacked my life.

I didn't know what to do. I was lost and terrified. 

The harder I tried to stop all the fear, anxiety and worry, the worse it got. 

I thought I was going crazy or worse, losing control or even dying.

I was scared, and felt ashamed, and after a while I felt like a failure because I couldn't do the things I wanted to do. 

I felt so alone.Everyone just kept calling it "anxiety". "Oh, it's anxiety." But no one knew what to do to help it! 

I tried my best to hold it together for my family, but I felt like no one ever really understood what I was going through.

Devastated, I abandoned what I loved. I left college. And then, Depression set in...I felt like I had lost everything. I was hopeless...

I'll Help You Feel Better.
I was reading anything I that I could find on anxiety, and trying to find answers. 

No one really had the answers! Answers that could help me feel better.

By this time, I felt like I was a prisoner to my anxiety. 
I was looking everywhere for answers.

One day, after having that pit in my stomach all day and fighting anxious thoughts, It dawned on me what I had to do... 

I couldn't keep running from anxiety, worry and panic. I had to learn how to face it.  

And I needed the help of a real Anxiety Specialist to teach me how. 

Inside I felt doubt, worry, fear...I thought maybe this wouldn't work for me, because I was the "worst one", or maybe I had it for "so long"...I was terrified something was really wrong with me.

I almost didn't make the call...but then I did it.

I made the call.

And that split-second decision changed my life forever.  That call was the first step to feeling better, and getting the relief I was desperate for.

  • ​I learned new tools that just didn't just manage anxiety...the tools actually made it go away
  • ​I learned the people telling me I had to 'just had to learn to live with it," were actually wrong 
  • ​I learned it wasn't my fault... it was how my brain was wired
  • ​I learned how to rewire my brain and stop the anxiety
  • I Learned how to stop all the worry
  • I Learned how to stop the panic
  • I stopped avoiding places and things; and my world opened up 
  • ​I started doing things I wasn't able to do
  • I learned I was actually normal; and that I just had to rewire my brain
  • I learned to love myself and have a normal, happy, joy-filled life!
I was finally empowered, and I finally started to beat it. 

After I learned real tools and methods to stop the anxiety, I started going out and doing all the things I couldn’t do before. The panic, the constant fear, the thoughts, the worrying all started to go away!   

I learned how strong I was. I used to think I was 'weak' or 'a coward'- 
Just. Wasn't. True. I learned I actually had courage and strength; Someone just had to teach me how to tap into it!

My life definitely changed because of the anxiety, but I eventually realized it had changed me in beautiful ways. 

And I am so thankful I took that leap of faith and reached out for real help from an Anxiety Specialist, instead of the 'talk therapists', who all say they "help with anxiety", but they don't really.

Now, it's my passion to help people that feel as anxious and alone as I felt!

I am a licensed and certified Anxiety Specialist now, and this is all I work with- People that have Anxiety, Panic, Intrusive Thoughts and Worry. And I help them feel better (just read below)

I help you put anxiety behind you, not just live with it or cope with it or manage it.

Are you are ready to be empowered? Are you ready to change your life, and finally beat your anxiety? 

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What People Are Saying
“I  didn't know what it was, but I learned I was suffering from anxiety. I was nervous, confused, worried, and even panicked...sometimes I just felt hopeless...I just couldn't feel joy anymore. Then it started to affect my family and friends too. I would dread having another "bad day" full of anxiety. Then, I found a real licensed anxiety specialist, not just another "talk therapist". Jim helped me get my confidence back- my life back. He made me believe I could do this. I could feel better...
And after some work, I did!  

-Future You, after you work with me! 
"I have always been somewhat of an anxious person, but it has never got in the way of my normal happy outgoing outlook on life. That changed earlier this year when I was unable to deal with a situation and anxiety took me down a road untraveled. Anxiety began to affect me in many negative ways, mentally and physically and I knew that I needed help. I reached out to Jim and had our first consultation several months ago. I shared the situation with Jim, which was not a comfortable position for me, but Jim listened carefully and made an assessment...I think that is the single key factor that set me on the road to recovery; Jim made me feel like while I was broken at the moment, I was repairable...Jim provided the tools to help cope with anxious feelings. After hitting a low point early in my recovery process, I was able to use his tools to regain control of my life. Jim was always available for me during this difficult time, not just during our sessions, but he made me feel like I could reach out to him anytime if needed. As I began to feel better, Jim was even more supportive and was nothing but encouraging and truly happy for me. I clearly remember his smiles and words of encouragement which were more helpful than I realized, until after the fact. I will close by saying that Jim was a tremendous asset for me to help me navigate through an unknown and really frightening condition. We met over the course of 3 months, and I am happy to say that now I am OFF ALL medication and once again living my life again, better than before. No anxiety, no pit in my stomach, and happy! Thank you Jim for being there and never once making me feel like this situation could not be fixed!"

-Male, age 60
"8 years ago, I moved to the area to live with my parents. In short, I was going through the worst period of my life, suffering from symptoms of severe Anxiety, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, and Bipolar. I was close to non-functional, and desperately in need of help. I was, and remain, so incredibly fortunate to have found the help of a true healer in Jim. He has provided me masterful teachings of mindfulness, meditation and uses a versatile skill-set of CBT, NLP, and other modern mental health sciences in our sessions to great effect. Jim has been there each step of the way assisting in my recovery and helping me overcome the insurmountable obstacles that were preventing me from having a stable, happy and full life experience, something I once deeply believed I would never have for myself. Through our 8 year therapist/client relationship, Jim has continued to be an endless source of knowledge and support. He has helped me regain control of my life ... If you are searching for a therapist and read this, I honestly could not recommend  Jim McFarland enough."

-Male, age 29
"Before meeting Jim McFarland I was taking Depakote, Hydroxyzine, and Buspirone for my anxiety. My anxiety, on a scale of 0 to 100, at times, was as high as 75. After meeting Jim and learning his method my anxiety dropped dramatically. He taught me about the 4 R's and other methods of dealing with my anxiety. I now have zero anxiety almost every day, and I no longer take Hydroxyzine or Depakote and I will soon drop Buspirone. Jim McFarland gave me my life back!"

-Male, age 55
"My kids have been seeing Jim for a few years. One child has anxiety and the other, social anxiety and depression. His services include working with the parents half of the time, and with the children the other half. He teaches approaches for not just dealing with the children's issues, but for how to adjust our own approach as parents. I know I brought my own baggage from my own trauma into raising my kids. I also know the hardships they've faced, combined with poor coping skills can lead to less than ideal outcomes. Jim bridges that gap for us. His services are truly indispensable, and we're deeply thankful."

-Female, age 42
"What an amazing experience my family has had with Mr. Jim! He has helped us on our journey being a true blessing in our lives! Mr. Jim has connected with our teenage son and helped us navigate the chaos of teenage hood and parenting! We recommend him highly! Our lives have and continue to change because of his guidance, care, compassion, and professionalism. He genuinely cares for his clients and their families."

-Female, age 47
"I was terrified of storms- I couldn't even drive if I thought one was coming. I would constantly check the weather radio and my phone, and if I heard even a little bit of thunder, I would hide in my house with the dog, and not even look out any of the windows! I'd have to cover my ears so I wouldn't hear all the thunder and lightening and wind. I also would get panic attacks, and those really terrified me. I always had anxiety, ever since I was a kid, and it just grew. I talked with Jim and he's super easy to talk with- I knew right off the bat he was the one that could really help me. I remember reading his story, and thinking, "this guy really "gets" what I go through". Not even my husband could understand all the fear that I felt- even though I love him, he would just say, "You've got to get ahold of yourself- you can't panic like this all the time. What are you afraid of?". If I could have cured myself, I would have then! Jim understands this- he's actually felt it. Finally! Someone who understands! He gave me the tools to overcome my fears. Now, I go through thunderstorms with no panic, and very little fear. I don't hide now! I hang out on the porch and watch them!! I feel the wind, the spray of the rain, hear the thunder, and I'm fine! The panic I used to feel just went away. It was hard work sometimes, but he really helped me to get over my fears. Jim's methods really work!" 

-Female, age 33
"I had bad health anxiety that would make me super-afraid I was going to somehow lose control of my bodily functions. I always avoided sitting in the middle row at church, feared driving long trips where there was no access to bathrooms or where I was too embarrassed to ask to stop. I avoided hiking, traveling, and anything where there wasn't a bathroom nearby, or one was too far away. I never went on my daughter's field trips, and never would think of going somewhere without totally mapping out where all the bathrooms were. Now I use a new method Jim taught me, and I can go anywhere, with no fear I'm going to lose control, no gurgling in my belly, no cramps... I never thought my stomach issues could be anxiety because my doctor swore nothing was wrong with me, but I KNEW what I felt! I thought I had IBS. Turns out, it was anxiety, and I had suffered with it since being a teenager in High School! Now, I go wherever I want to, I don't have panic and have anxiety, and my stomach hardly ever gives me trouble! I have my peace of mind back- my confidence! Thank you, Jim!"

-Female, age 45
"I couldn't sleep, I know this sounds ridiculous, but I had panic attacks because I was afraid I might never be able to fall asleep at some point. That fear dominated my waking life. I would constantly worry about sleep- whether I would fall asleep, or possibly wake up, or how I would function without sleep. I was always anxious over what could happen if I didn't sleep. I worked with Jim and he taught me how to apply a really strong sleep method called I-CBT and the 4 R's and he taught me methods to control all my anxiety and worries over sleep. Now, I sleep at least 6-8 solid hours a night, and I wake up rested. And if I miss some sleep or sleep less, no big deal- it doesn't totally steal all of my joy. I just move right past it now, and the next night, I know I'll always get sleep. In fact, now I "look" to not fall asleep because that's one of my fears- and that's actually helped me to fall asleep! I learned "Sleep always wins". I highly recommend Jim McFarland for anyone who has had any sleep issues or fears surrounding sleep, or just worries that won't stop."

-Female, age 36
"I kept worrying I had a brain tumor. Every little thing that ached or where I felt a tinge of tingling, meant I had cancer. I was so scared every time I got a headache. I was absolutely certain I had cancer or a brain tumor. Jim worked with me and I learned the attitudes and thinking that I needed to stop feeling so freaked out all the time. I used to spend hours Googling symptoms, and now, I hardly ever look anything up. Now, when i get a worry about a brain tumor, it just goes away as fast as it came. Jim saved me from this awful anxiety and If you worry about your health all the time, Jim McFarland can help you! I thought I had it the worst- If he can help me, he can help anyone!"

-Male, age 31
"I thought I would never be able to go back to school, or to drive. I had all but dropped out of highschool, I couldn't go into a store without feeling panic and anxiety, and even the thought of going to the store would make feel anxious. Now, I'm driving by myself, I work at a great job, I love seeing my friends, and I can go into a store with very little fear or anxiety at all....Jim encouraged me and taught me how anxiety worked and why I was feeling the way I felt, and slowly he showed me what I needed to do to get better. It was really hard work at times, but it was all worth it. I have my life back, and I wasn't left behind by all my friends. Now, I'm thinking about going to college! "

-Male age 18
“Before I started coming to see Jim, I was really a very passive person, and people would walk all over me. My Panic Attacks and anxiety attacks were really, really bad. School was not my favorite thing to do because I was so scared. And I hated being there, and I didn't like the people I went to school with...And then when I started seeing Jim, he taught me ways to cope with my anxiety, ways to deal with conflict and more steps on working on myself, so I wouldn't be sad. It actually helped me be happier. And now, I'm not passive anymore, I am more in control, I speak my mind. My panic attacks got better!  I feel more happy." 

-Female, age 18
“I used to have panic all day. It started one day when I was driviing, when I was an older teenager, about 19. Then it just slowly grew, where I couldn't even go to work or on vacation with my family. I have my own business, and I can't afford not to work! I had anxiety for over 13 years and it just kept getting worse and worse. I remember one time going to a family get together, and I had to just get out of there! I got so afraid and scared, I had to get out! Then I spent the next 4 hours in my hotel room, curled up on the bed, in absolute terror. No one knew how to help me, not even my wife.  My doctor just wanted to put me on meds. Then I found Jim McFarland. He gave me my life back...Now, I can go wherever I want to go, without fear; I can work without having panic attacks or that awful feeling all day. I can  even talk to strangers now without getting all in my head. His method works. And it works without medicine. I have my life back. I am truly thankful to Jim."  

-Male, age 34
"I had depression and anxiety for years...I would wake up in the morning dreading the day not wanting to get out of bed. When I finally forced myself to, I would have a twisted or “pit” feeling in my stomach, and nausea...Now, I feel like myself again! I'm feeling joy again! And I continue to put Jim's methods into daily practice. Jim McFarland has my highest recommendation! I feel very fortunate to have found him- He helped me climb out of a deep hole! If you’re feeling those feelings, you’re not alone. Jim McFarland can help you!” 

-Male, age 60
"He has been an incredible help for my anxious teen daughter and myself as well!! We’ve had nothing but good experiences with him!! Very meaningful sessions that teach the value of self worth and compassion!! I would totally recommend Jim McFarland for any young person or adult that is suffering with bouts of anxiety, and depression. He is very patient and willing to be of help to get you in a healthy place!! Thank you, Mr. Jim for all that you do!! "

-Female, age 55
"What an amazing counselor Jim McFarland is. The process of speaking through the trauma and my anxiety is safe and organized. He really knows how to navigate positive change in a very safe environment."

-Female, age 57
“I started having panic attacks at work, and thought I was going to die. My heart would race, I would feel like I couldn't breathe and my mind was racing. I truly thought there was something wrong with me medically. I thought I would have to stop working. I felt so ashamed and out of control, and I didn't know where the panic attacks were coming from, and I didn't understand why. Jim McFarland helped me to see the way out. I found him online, and thank God. I had interviewed more than 10 other therapists before finding him. I knew right away he understood what I was going through. Now, I'm working fine, with no panic attacks! I have no panic symptoms and I actually feel happy again. My husband has definitely noticed the change in me, and says I'm so much easier to be around. I also didn't want to pass this on to my children, so this is why I looked everywhere for an anxiety therapist, and found Jim McFarland."  

-Female, age 34
"Around age 19, I'd tried some therapists over a couple years hoping to find the right fit for my trauma-based anxiety issues, among other related issues like ADD and depression. I'm a fairly private person and struggle horrendously with communicating emotions / anything verbal, so that issue paired with the often uncomfortably dry and intensely clinical approaches I experienced with my first therapists were rough - especially considering I was usually prescribed medicine after 10 minutes’ discussion of my (then) mild to moderate anxiety before even vaguely discussing the possibility of working through and understanding my trauma-based problems.
I found Jim McFarland 2 years ago, and I never knew how productive, professionally warm, and organic therapy could be. He's mastered the art of listening and addressing anything head-on while still being fluid enough to use whatever approach is needed, and helping me feel comfortable enough to get out of my comfort zone step by step to make progress with each issue. Outside of sessions, he’s provided me with many resources for me to help myself in any situation, and he actually explains how the mind and body works in context to my issues based off the obviously extensive amount of professional research he’s done. I and the people around me have continually noticed a difference in how I’m able to deal with things on a daily basis, and I can’t recommend him enough to anyone with symptoms like mine or otherwise- he's been a major (if not key) improvement on my quality of life. "

-Female, age 24
"I had intrusive, scary thoughts about not being loved by God, and I constantly worried that I wasn't praying correctly, or hadn't been "saved" correctly and that I wouldn't make it into heaven. I was praying 2 hours a day before work, and an hour or more every day after work, and I got completely terrified if I didn't pray, or if I even cut back on prayer time. I learned it was Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, and that it can be controlled and even cured. The 4 R's method, and exposures helped me to have my life back! I can remember now how much I used to worry every day, and how bad I used to feel and how awful and scared I felt every day, but now, I'm back to myself!  I'm happy again! Truly if you want to get better and put your OCD in its place, Jim McFarland will help you."

-Male, age 19
"My OCD was taking over my life. I felt like everything was contaminated with fleas and bugs. I wanted to use insecticide for everything- I even wanted to bathe in it at its worst. I also wasn't driving because of the panic. Jim was understanding, kind, warm and he worked with me on how to face my fears. He showed me that I was stronger than I ever thought! Now, I don't obsess, and don't freak out and worry about all the bug contamination- I hardly think about it. And, I can actually drive now, even in storms, and behind huge trucks! If you're anxious and freaking out about contamination fears, and OCD and thoughts that won't get out of your head, Jim will help you! "

-Female, age 38
"I was panic stricken every time I had to talk to new people. I would freeze in front of class, I would never raise my hand, because I was terrified of answering...I would hide in the back of class dreading being called on. All my friends seemed so 'normal'. My palms would sweat, my hands would shake, and I just knew people could see how scared I was. I was so in my head. I always was thinking I blew it, or I was stupid, or afraid I would get stopped up in my head and not know what to say.  I couldn't talk to anyone. Jim helped me to get over my social fears- he worked carefully with me step by step- and slowly I was able to look people in the eyes...slowly I started saying "Hi" to people. Later, I was able to go to parties and actually go out on dates and not feel petrified. You can beat this!"

-Female, age 22
"I contacted Jim McFarland last year. I was in a real bad place...I couldn't even leave my bedroom for fear of having a panic attack and anxiety. My heart would race, I would feel pain in my body, I just didn't feel right. I couldn't even watch the TV without feeling more and more anxious. I didn't believe him when he told me "You're going to get better- you're going to be ok." Little by little Jim showed me how to help myself. Baby steps. At first, I felt like I wasn't getting any better. But now, I'm actually leaving my room, and I'm leaving the house! I can go the store without panicking, I can travel to different towns to go see friends, and I just keep feeling better and better. I'm doing F'ing GREAT! I'm Back! Now, I'm going on a vacation with my husband, and I haven't done that in years! Jim McFarland is a professional, and he knows what he's doing! If it wasn't for him, I don't know that I could feel this good!"  

-Female, age 57
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